A New Life

My new every day, maybe eventually I will get used to it. I wake up at around 6 am and use the head, crawl back into bed for a few more minutes of sleep. It doesn’t work, I can’t fall back asleep, so I grab my phone and check on the day’s news and Facebook … Read more

Windy Days – Bouncing Around

It has been windy lately! And it’s cold wind, and that sucks but it’s manageable. The problem with the wind though is that it creates waves. The waves have enough space with a North West wind to build up in our little bay and they hit us with force. So we sit at our dock … Read more

Guess What!

We are quickly approaching our two year anniversary! Wow, I can’t believe it has already been so long, and man it has not been easy. Not in a really bad fighting and not getting along kind of hard. More like a complete change of lifestyle while at the same time living through a long distance … Read more

The Channels

It’s that feeling that you get when you will be home soon after a long time at sea. It comes from the early days of merchant sailing in England, when ships reached the English Channel after their long voyage. The sailors would get excited and they lost focus on the tasks at hand. The channels … Read more

Summer Fun – missing out

It seems I haven’t had a lot of inspiration lately to write blog posts. This year has been a long and hard one. Life of a sailor has some downsides, and the biggest thing on my mind lately is how much I miss home. Specifically, being with loved ones, and missing out on the summer … Read more

What Do Sailors Do When They Aren’t Sailing

Here is my growing list of things to do around the boat while I am home for now, dockside. Fix the 2 leaking hatch windows over our bed Clean, clean, clean – tidy the mess, vacuum, clean all the surfaces inside and out, scrub the outside of the hull, etc Get rid of winter stuff … Read more

Birds Nest in the Boom

So this morning I witnessed a small bird trying to stuff a twig into the end of the boom. I quickly got dressed and went out there and put tape over the hole. Now I’m afraid I’ve declared war with the birds, it’s two of them. They’re sitting on the radar and the boom making angry bird sounds. I don’t think there’s eggs in the boom but if there is I may have just killed them… And now the two birds are probably going to bomb the boat. I just cleaned it too, now we’re going to get covered in bird poo…

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A Year in the Life of a Sailor

Life of a Sailor was started exactly a year ago while I was working on the Algorail, newlywed, dreaming of buying a boat someday. So much has happened this year, looking back I don’t think I’ve made nearly enough posts to convey a year in the life of a sailor.   Here’s what I’ve done … Read more

Sailing season begins! Take off the shrink wrap

I love when jobs get done while I’m away from home. In February I had gone away for a course and Jay fixed the toilet. This time I go away for a while and I get a text from one of our neighbours – she knows that I’m gone for work now – saying “Your … Read more